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March 24, 2007



Hi - Just spending a bit of free time cruising around on typepad.
You hit it right on with flexibility. My first refused a soother but took about three months to find the comfort of his tiny thumb. My second loved the soother even to we were hoping she'd take the thumb. (It never gets lost - ever.)
You sound like a caring and involved parent. And that is the very best you can give to her! I feel sorry for daddy too - ear plugs? couch? maybe to a friend or relative's once a week? Good luck to all of you and yes, before you know it, you'll be through this concern (and yes, onto another!)


It's a hard stage, my niece was colicky & sounds like you're dealing with the same situation. Don't beat yourself up, be there for her & let others be there for you.


Hi. I was just cruising the knitting blog ring and read this. As the others mentioned, don't beat yourself up over it, flexibility is key. Each child is different. I have twins. Initially they both had pacifiers, they got them in the NICU. However, as soon as my daughter could, she swapped it for her thumb, my son stuck with the pacifier. Some kids take neither. Colic makes everything just worse. Good luck.

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