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April 27, 2006



Yeah, you gotta post comments to get comments! It's the best way to let people know you're out there. I found you from the Knitting Blogs webring (every now and then I go check out the new blogs that have been added recently). I think most bloggers will go check out a blog from a commenter they haven't seen before, or someone they haven't visited in awhile...and that's when you get comments back!

Feel free to leave any silly comment you like on my blog. :)


Thanks for the comment! I'm on my way to your blog to break my no-blog-comments cycle.
:) Barbara

Knit and Tink

How I related to your inability to comment...for all the reasons you stated. Even if we are totally anonynous, it is still intimidating. Hey, sis, you are not alone! Go for it! I am starting to get braver myself. I really enjoyed my visit.


Hi Knit & Tink,
Thanks for the comment--not has hard as you thought, huh?. At least, that's what I've found. Yesterday I commented on four blogs--more than doubling my total blog comments!


Hey, I don't know you, but you seem like a good writer. Don't be afraid to get out there with your comments! I know how it feels to not have much to say when people ask what you've been up to. I have an autoimmune disease, and I knit a lot when I don't feel like doing other things. You know what? I'm learning to be proud of giving that as an answer! God bless, thanks for your post, and don't be afraid. You have a voice, and it's not boring or inept; it's beautiful just because it's yours.

Annoying Little Sister

Hey, check me out, I'm actually reading your blog. (Jesse's sitting next to me, so don't get too, too excited.)
Have fun, Gollum, call me when you leave the cave.


Hi Barbara,

Don't feeL bad because I know exactly how you feel.I tend to work and knit and do nothing else. I am trying to change that because it feels like I have no life. I was a serious lurker of knitting blogs. But this year I have changed that by joining some knitalongs and exchanges. And most important of all, posting comments on other blogs and that was hard from me. But things are looking up for me and they wil changes for you too.

BTW I found you blog through the Knitting Blogs Ring. Some time I go check out the new blogs.



I'm glad you came and commented on my blog! So, now I'm returning the favor! :)

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